Wield of Singapore Excel Pivot Table Course

Pivot Tables are one Of the best apparatuses in Excel’s information investigation and Business Intelligence (BI) ordnance. With only several ticks of the mouse You may effectively and rapidly manufacture charts and reports that outline and investigate a lot of data and empower you to distinguish patterns and get answers to the inquiries on.

Why Should You Attend?

Learning how to make Pivot Tables is one of those must have skills for Excel to assemble summaries and reports. This training will provide you which you can use to construct reports and your pivot tables.

Excel Pivot Table Course

Areas Covered

  • What is a pivot table – a few examples of pivot tables
  • Developing a simple pivot table in 6 clicks
  • Amount, count and percentage – how to change what is displayed
  • Creating a pivot table eye-catching appealing
  • Changing the design of a vanity
  • Displaying the data in a pivot table in alphabetical or numerical sequence
  • Using filters to display Certain objects in a vanity
  • Grouping the information by month, quarter or year at a pivot table
  • Representing the pivot table data as a chart/graph
  • Best methods for upgrading a pivot table Once the source data changes

This excel pivot table course Singapore should be attended by you Training if you wish to know how to make your understanding of Excel to boost or if you will need to use Excel to assemble summaries and reports.

You do not have to be Proficient in using Excel to attend. If you can create worksheets that are basic and can copy and paste and apply formatting you will have the ability to follow along.